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Finding the Right Fit for Your Rooftop Project
July 19, 2021
Why artificial grass beats natural turf for roofs. Rooftop Greenery Green rooftops are making a difference in cities all over the world. Green roofs deliver shade, absorb heat from the atmosphere, and decrease the roof surface and …
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Why You Want Synthetic Grass Tee Lines
July 8, 2021
And why Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington is the better option for tee lines. Why Use Synthetic Grass Tee Lines? Traditional turf on tee lines is quickly becoming the minority. Tee lines are subjected to a lot of foot traffic and …
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Choosing Synthetic Turf For Pets
June 23, 2021
Find out more about why artificial turf in Kennewick is preferrable to traditional grass. Getting a dog doesnt mean you must give up your dream of owning an elegant, green lawn. You only need the correct kind of grass. Artificial turf will resolve the usual concerns of the majority of K9 behaviors such as:
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EIGCA Silver Partnership
June 15, 2021
Southwest Greens has recently commemorated 15 years in the EMEA zone a milestone we are proud of. From a cowboy beginning of adopting a synthetic soccer field and labeling it a tee box to designed solutions that play and look like natural a great deal has changed.
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Backyard Putting Green Aim Possibilities
April 12, 2021
Your guide to understanding how aim works on artificial turf. Putting Baseline Putting is a crucial stroke in the game of golf, as it can vastly influence a player’s outcome in a single round. Any putting surface, natural or …
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The Benefits of a Pro-Quality Putting Green at Home
January 2, 2021
Improving your game by practicing more on a more realistic surface. Perfecting your golf game, like anything, takes work. Long-time and amateur golfers alike have to take time practicing their game if they want to improve, but taking …
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