Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington knows how to bring truly excellent designs to life. Since 1996, we have created a reputation for creating superior golf greens, gaining the attention of more than two dozen top PGA Tour pros who’ve had Southwest Greens turf installed at their homes.

Architects and contractors rely on enterprises that continually deliver professional work, and those professional relationships are just as crucial to us as those with homeowners. Constructed in the USA by Shaw Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway company, and installed using systems proven for performance, you’ll have the satisfaction and assistance of a global leader while working with local, value-oriented craftsmen.

Our leadership exceeds excellent workmanship; Shaw Industries’ devoted R&D specialists have developed innovations such as the Bolt™ fiber and HydroChill® evaporative cooling technology – a powerful combination that offers distinction and comfort. Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is pleased to constantly improve and enhance the work we already do.



Professional certification is a big part of how Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington is ahead of the game in top of the line synthetic grass installation. We are proud of the fact that every Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington representative is trained and certified by the leading experts in the artificial turf industry.

Our rigorous certification process, using our Pro System, guarantees that our products, expertise, and customer service will be of the highest quality. No other company provides that degree of quality assurance.


When we claim we are the best in the business, we mean it. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter putting green installations. Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington has mastered the art and science of artificial grass installation. We have designed and installed more than 6,000 golf greens across the world as backyard putting greens, magnificent golf courses, and more.

Here’s a quick glance at how our artificial grass and putting green installation process works:

A foundation of crushed aggregate, which, unlike concrete, can be wetted and molded to form protection against breaks and undulations.

Kennewick artificial grass installation - base layer
Kennewick artificial turf installation - base layer aggregate

Next, we install a minimum of a 1/4 inch cushion pad that helps ball roll and shot absorption, then we install our 1 1/8 inch leading-edge polypropylene turf material that is used to synthesize the playability, softness, and the rich green color of real grass.

Kennewick artificial turf installation - cushion pad installation
Kennewick artificial grass installation - cushion pad installation

The synthetic turf is then infilled with a blend of fine-coated silica sand to give it the impression of real grass.

Kennewick artificial grass installation - infill
Kennewick artificial turf installation - infill

Lastly, the upper layer is rolled to create the effect of a true bent grass green. Choices include the installation of the first and second cuts fringe, sand traps, bunkers, fairways, and roughs.

Kennewick artificial grass installation - top layer rolled
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