One of the most important aspects of your golf game is putting. For many amateur golfers, putting can represent nearly 50% of shots. So putting is an area most golfers decide to work on all the time, right?

Not so fast.

The majority of golfers will prefer to work on driving ranges and bypass putting entirely. Are you guilty of this, too?

We know driving ranges are a great time, and watching those long, satisfying shots are great, but are your putts short of that final element they need?

A high-quality putting green turf is made from low pile artificial grass which allows golf balls to roll true. It’s slightly different from regular turf because it isn’t as thick as the artificial grass you see on lawns, and it will help you practice your short game.


Artificial indoor golf putting greens are made with synthetic fibers and can be used instead of naturally growing grass because it is durable. Maintaining a traditional grass putting green in a home would be a nightmare, so artificial turf is king for indoor.

An indoor putting green will both improve the look of your home and will, more importantly, let you practice your golf game in any kind of season or weather, and the benefits of installing an indoor putting green exceed the cost by a considerable amount.

Highly Customizable

Your green can be customized based on your preferences — choose the design, contour, hole designs, features, and color that appeal to you the most.

Not Affected by Weather

No weather can impede you from indoor putting practice.


The money saved by getting an indoor putting green is one of the biggest benefits — you’ll save on both time and money wasted on traveling, club memberships, and caddy fees.

Easy to Maintain

Artificial turf needs almost no maintenance, especially indoors. Keeping an indoor putting green in top shape is less difficult than trying to maintain other floorings.

Practice Your Game Any Time

If you’re new to putting or can’t be without some form of golf, an indoor putting green will help you improve your short game a bunch.

Improve the Value of Your Home

Indoor greens are a welcomed feature of your home to help you transform the ambiance — show your style and love of the game.

Host Fun Parties for Friends & Family

Have friends or extended family over for dinner and a game – practice your putting with them. Even kids can enjoy a game of indoor mini-golf.


Synthetic turf keeps getting better and better and now with our years of experience at Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington, we will deliver performance that competes with your regular weekend course.


An advantage of installing your own indoor putting green is that you can design it to any size that that fits. Also, you probably want to include base underlayment to contour breaks and reproduce the slopes you will experience on a traditional course.

Here are a sample common convenient sizes for indoor greens:

  • 7.5’ X 15’
  • 15’ X 15’
  • 25’ X 15’

Unsure what size best fits your home or space? Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington will help you figure out what would be appropriate.


So, you’re interested in a putting green, you know the dimensions of your space, and you are ready to discuss pricing. While it may be tricky to give an exact answer, we’re here to break down the components of the cost for you.

Often, an indoor putting green costs between $15 and $30+ per square foot. Some factors that go into this cost are:

  1. Base materials
  2. Putting green dimensions
  3. Putting green design
  4. Number of cuts
  5. Site access & prep
  6. The features of the putting green
  7. Installation costs

Interested in the specific elements that go into indoor putting greens cost and installation? We’ll be happy to show you. Contact Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington for a no-obligation quote.


Check out our synthetic golf greens to find out what Southwest Greens of Eastern Washington can do for you.

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