June 07, 2023

Southwest Greens proudly presents a revolutionary innovation in natural infill for artificial turf that is safe for pets: K9 Sand. This extraordinary product not only boasts a 100% natural composition, but it’s also renewable and carbon-negative, actively removing more carbon from the air than is used for extracting it. Read on to learn more about K9 Sand for Kennewick pet turf!



This carbon-negative feature has earned K9 Sand a prestigious negative carbon footprint certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). But that is only the beginning regarding the advantages of using K9 Sand in your turf system.

K9 Sand is renowned for its uniformly round, hard grains, carefully selected to improve performance (see Figure 1). Responsibly harvested from naturally existing and regenerative deposits on the ocean shelf, K9 Sand ensures environmental sustainability. Southwest Greens utilizes eco-friendly extraction practices, harvesting less than a small fraction of the total amount renewed each year. This commitment to eco-consciousness ensures that our 100% organic and sustainable turf infill remains in balance with nature.

K9 Sand Closeup
Figure 1: Grains of K9 Sand

Once you receive a bag of Southwest Greens' K9 Sand, you will appreciate its small and uniform grain size, which makes installation effortless. The round and uniform shape of the grains creates small gaps between neighboring particles, greatly improving water drainage. Moreover, the gentle shape of K9 Sand reduces wear and tear on artificial grass fibers over time.

The hardness and dustless nature of K9 Sand guarantee a long-lasting and reliable infill solution. But the advantages do not stop there — K9 Sand also helps to keep surface of the turf cool. Each grain of K9 Sand is made up of micro-pores that hold water. As the surface temperature rises, the water in these tiny pores is released, providing evaporative cooling and reducing the temperature by approximately 20°F compared to typical turf infills. With its superior bulk density (106 pounds per cubic foot), K9 Sand ensures optimal ballast, preventing wrinkling and maintaining an immaculate appearance.



When it comes to environmental safety and friendliness, K9 Sand stands above the competition. It’s non-toxic, doesn’t have any heavy metals and plastics, and embodies an uncompromising commitment to the well-being of our planet. Moreover, K9 Sand offers special characteristics that make it the ideal infill solution for Kennewick artificial grass for pets. It drastically decreases the odor of urine (see Figure 2).

K9 Sand Ammonia Graphic
Figure 2: Volatilization of ammonia using K9 Sand vs. Silica Sand

Urine’s smell comes from the volatilization of ammonia. K9 Sand deals with this issue by stopping the c of ammonia in urine. Additionally, K9 Sand prevents the growth of bacteria, similar to other turf infills with anti-microbial additives (see Figure 3). These remarkable benefits are achieved without the need for any additives or coatings — K9 Sand is simply harvested from the ocean, thoroughly cleaned, and transported to your doorstep.

K9 Sand Bacteria Graphic
Figure 3: ATCC 25922 test protocol results for determining microbial activity


With its renewable and carbon-negative nature, exceptional drainage properties, cooling effect, and pet-safe qualities, K9 Sand represents a revolutionary choice for your artificial turf system. Experience the difference that our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility can make in upgrading your outdoor spaces. Book a no-cost consultation today!